Zero Egg Secures $5M in Mission to Empower the Era of Sustainable Foods

March 6, 2021

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With 100 bil­lion eggs con­sumed each year in the US alone, and eggs being the fastest-grow­ing cat­e­go­ry in plant-based, Zero Egg arrived on a mar­ket ready for inevitable suc­cess. A month lat­er, the brand announces today it has secured $5 mil­lion in Series A fund­ing for its prod­uct cre­at­ed with pro­teins from soy, pota­toes, peas, and chick­peas.

The round was led by Pow­er­plant Ven­tures with par­tic­i­pa­tion from exist­ing investors Uno­vis Asset Man­age­ment-New Crop Cap­i­tal and Strauss Group-The Kitchen Hub. In addi­tion to the US, Zero Egg is also dis­trib­uted in Israel and Europe.

The com­pa­ny will use this fund­ing to grow the brand in the US and sup­port its ambi­tious new prod­uct launch­es in the com­ing year. Zero Egg says it is focus­ing on pro­vid­ing afford­able plant-based egg prod­ucts in order to make a pos­i­tive impact on con­sumer health, envi­ron­ment, and ani­mal suf­fer­ing.

Zero Egg
© Zero Egg

“By fill­ing the white space in the food­ser­vice indus­try for plant-based egg alter­na­tives, Zero Egg aims to make plant-based foods the norm and empow­er the era of sus­tain­able foods,” said Liron Nim­ro­di, CEO, and co-founder, Zero Egg.

Plant-based restau­ra­teur and Pow­er­plant Ven­tures co-founder and part­ner, T.K. Pil­lan, joins the Zero Egg board of direc­tors. “I’ve been on a mis­sion to offer prac­ti­cal plant-based options for con­sumers at both the retail and restau­rant lev­el for many years. What has been miss­ing until now is a com­plete, afford­able plant-based alter­na­tive for eggs,” said Pil­lan. “Zero Egg is a game-chang­er for the indus­try. We’re proud to invest in their team and con­fi­dent it will be the much-need­ed afford­able and ver­sa­tile solu­tion for oper­a­tors look­ing to con­tin­ue to reduce their use of ani­mal prod­ucts.”

“The egg cat­e­go­ry is mas­sive and the poten­tial to dis­rupt it with an acces­si­ble plant-based solu­tion is fair­ly untapped in the food indus­try. As investors, we are look­ing for­ward to con­tin­u­ing to sup­port the expan­sion of Zero Egg in the U.S. mar­ket,” said Dan Y. Altschuler Malek, man­ag­ing direc­tor, Uno­vis Asset Man­age­ment-New Crop Cap­i­tal and Zero Egg board mem­ber. “It was an easy deci­sion to con­tin­ue invest­ing in Zero Egg because it is unique­ly posi­tioned giv­en its func­tion­al­i­ty, taste, and com­pet­i­tive pric­ing.

Zero Egg Sandwich
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The com­pa­ny received ear­ly acco­lades at launch, includ­ing Calcalist’s 2019 Food Inno­va­tion com­pe­ti­tion in Israel. More at, Insta­gram and Linkedin.

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