Mark Rampolla on our Rebrand to GroundForce Capital

August 1, 2023


I’m so excited to announce a new chapter for our firm.

PowerPlant Partners is now GroundForce Capital.

Here’s what this means for our team, founders, investors and we hope the world: 

When we founded PowerPlant in 2015, we believed how we feed ourselves, and the resultant effect on the planet, was one of the most pressing issues and greatest economic opportunities of our time. 

With our ‘why’ clear, we decided to hyper-focus on finding, funding and scaling plant-centric business as our ‘how’. We wanted to bring life to the center of business, make a positive impact on our planet and humanity at large and generate financial returns as well.

We, along with many others (and we all stand on the shoulders of giants before us), helped take the plant-based movement mainstream and create a market that is expected to be $100B by 2028. Whatever choices consumers make, few can now deny understanding that our individual choices around food affect all of our collective wellness. 

As GroundForce, we now intend to widen our focus beyond plant-based companies to include other primarily growth-stage companies making a positive impact on the health of people and our planet. 

Our ‘why’ remains the same. Though our ‘how’ has expanded in scope, we intend to bring the same level of rigorous diligence to selecting the best entrepreneurs, teams and companies. We’ll use an even deeper network, plus our own expertise, to help these companies scale their impact and win in the marketplace. 

Our ‘who’ also gets stronger every day as we grow our powerful community of extraordinary people challenging and supporting each other to achieve professional and personal results beyond our wildest dreams.

It’s an exciting time ahead for GroundForce Capital.

The opportunities to create value and drive impact have never been greater.

We believe investing should be a force for good and we’re committed to do everything within our power to prove that it can be.

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