Katie Martinez Makes Self-Care a Priority in 2022

February 24, 2022


I firmly believe one of the best things you can do in life is to surround yourself with people who inspire you to be better.

When I began my job search in 2021, I knew I wanted to join a purposeful, passionate, and innovative company that cared about health, wellness, and its impact on the planet. I was excited about the opportunity to join a mission-driven company that made me feel energized and inspired to be a better version of myself both personally and professionally.

In the fall of 2021, I moved to Marin and joined the team at PowerPlant. Our Mill Valley office is surrounded by nature with the Dipsea Trail and Redwood Trees. We are also equal distance to Mt. Tam and Rodeo Beach – two beautiful places that I now visit often.

For me, it is equally important to work in a healthy and jubilant space as it is to live in one.  In today’s blog, I will share how joining PowerPlant has provided me space to grow, learn, and be inspired by my team and the work we do.

Healthy Work Environment

Prior to working as an Executive Assistant, I trained athletes of all levels with strength training, mindfulness, and self-care practices as a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, and wellness coach. As essential as movement and exercise are to our health, it is just as important to consume foods that fuel your mind and muscles. It requires you to be mindful and take inventory of your daily consumption and the influence it has on your wellbeing; from what you eat and drink to what you listen to and read, what you give your energy to, and the people you surround yourself with.

The energy at PowerPlant is powerful. The entire team operates at such a high level that one cannot afford to feel sluggish or slow. In order to function at an optimum level, I must make self-care a priority. I now wake up two hours earlier each morning for a run to feel balanced, meal-prep to stay on track, and read books on improving organization, leadership, and how to care for our planet more consciously. I am inspired to learn and grow in all areas to keep up with my team and our company goals for 2022. I am thankful to work with others who value their health and fitness and also push me to stay on top of mine.

In addition to being surrounded by awesome individuals and amazing plant-based products that fuel me up each day, our office space is beautiful. You can see the top of Mt. Tam from our conference room and we have beautiful natural light along with plants, art, and décor that make me feel energized, creative, and happy.


I joined PowerPlant a week prior to our company offsite in Zion. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend an entire week with the team who divides their time in Marin and Hermosa Beach. While in Zion, I listened to their lessons from 2021 and company goals for 2022. I also learned more about who they are outside of PowerPlant and feel grateful for the opportunity to connect with such an inspiring group. It is clear setting goals, creating a game plan, and holding each other accountable as well as offering support to problem solve creates trust, integrity, and a growth-mindset.


Another perk of coming to the office each day is getting to bring my dog, Hudson. We all know how therapeutic dogs can be. It has been wonderful to take Hudson up the Dipsea steps or Mt. Tam before work and explore the beauty of Mill Valley.  It is one of my favorite forms of meditation, also known as Forest Bathing. I am fully present with nature taking in the colors of the sky or surroundings, the temperature of the air, the way it smells, the sounds of the birds, and with my favorite sidekick! Being surrounded by nature and the ability to explore it with Hudson makes me joyful and happy to come to work.  I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by passionate, kind, and intelligent people who care deeply about the treatment of animals and adore Hudson as much as I do.

Feeling thankful to be a part of the PowerPlant team and looking forward to all we do in 2022.



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