Kathryn Cicoletti on the Future of Impact: Where GroundForce Capital is Headed Next

November 10, 2023


Since the close of our current fund last year and the launch our rebrand as GroundForce Capital in August 2023, we have been heads down on investing, building our pipeline, refining our processes, hiring and building our network, all in service of our portfolio companies and limited partners.

I’m proud of how far we have come. Operating as PowerPlant Partners, our initial goal in 2015 was helping plant-based food companies scale up. Since then, we have rebranded to GroundForce Capital and expanded into a wider range of businesses that improve human and planetary health. As we look to 2024, we’re doubling down on people and the planet because we’ve seen firsthand how a single investment can create ripple effects that improve many lives.

The Two Pillars Guiding GroundForce Capital’s Investments

In 2022, we re-evaluated how we define and measure impact to better reflect our broader scope. By 2023, we developed a framework identifying two pillars of investment: promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles and supporting regenerative, low-carbon food production. These pillars shape our vision for the future and help us evaluate new investment opportunities. Our portfolio already includes companies in line with these goals, and we aim to build on their success.

Mom-led, women-founded and on a mission to start a movement in the infant feeding industry, Bobbie seeks to raise the standard of formula available to infants in the U.S. 100% USDA organic, allergen and filler-free, and extensively safety tested, Bobbie aims to provide complete nutrition to infants at a critical phase of life. Advocates for feeding culture, black maternal mortality awareness and maternal wellbeing – Bobbie’s mission is a powerful force for change.

OWYN (pronounced ‘OhWin’) stands for Only What You Need — and serves as the guiding principle behind the brand and its products. OWYN’s ingredient list is limited to the essential ingredients of life, sustainably sourced from nature. The brand focus remains on high-impact nutrition that’s allergen-free, third party tested, and verified by OWYN’s Medical Advisory Board. 100% plant based, vegan, organic when possible, free of the top-8 allergens, and GMO-free — OWYN uses real ingredients and promotes real nutrition.

Looking Ahead: GroundForce Capital’s Commitment to Impact Measurement and Reporting
As GroundForce Capital continues to grow, our commitment to impact measurement and reporting remains steadfast. We have made strides in the past few years and over the next year, we intend to strengthen our impact management practices and better understand, monitor, and communicate the effects of our investments.

Improving Our Approach
GroundForce Capital is a returns-driven investment management firm with a mission to accelerate the transition to healthier lives and a sustainable climate. We invest in exceptional companies shifting behaviors and making a real difference. Most of all, we remain committed to accountability and transparency in pursuing meaningful progress for people and the planet.

We recognize that measuring impact is complex with no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why starting in 2022, we began to create repeatable frameworks for select portfolio companies using SASB-based custom impact KPIs and EDCI (ESG Data Convergence Initiative) metrics. This process not only supports each company in setting initial measurement and reduction targets, specifically through beginning to gather EDCI data, but also forges a path toward emissions reduction at the GroundForce Capital level. Looking ahead, we will continue to iterate and enhance our reporting by working directly with portfolio companies on both impact and ESG enhancements that accelerate the world’s transition to healthier lives and a regenerative climate.

Overall, we remain dedicated to maximizing the impact of our investments and holding ourselves accountable through transparent measurement and reporting. The future is bright, and GroundForce Capital is ready to help lead the way.

Looking Ahead
After reflecting on where we’ve come from and where we’re headed, I’m filled with excitement for GroundForce Capital’s future. We have an incredible team and a bright vision for generating returns and impact at scale. Though there will undoubtedly be challenges and setbacks, our vision remains clear. The next decade will be pivotal and we’re thrilled you’re on this journey with us! Together, we can address inefficiencies, drive growth, and make a bigger impact.

To read more, please see the GroundForce Capital Impact and ESG Report 2023 for YE 2022.

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