Chief of Staff Nicole Montano Shares One Small Shift for an Empowered State of Being

Nicole Montano — March 30, 2022


When people ask me what my favorite part of the week at PowerPlant is, I always think of the seven to ten minutes on Tuesdays when I get to guide and connect with our team in a meditation. On Tuesdays, we have our all-day team meeting and before we begin diving into the many moving parts on our agenda, we begin by shutting out the world, grounding in our truth and creating a state of intentional focus and clarity. I love so many things about being Chief of Staff at PowerPlant but the minutes we spend meditating together feel like pure gold to me.

To be honest, I am not sure if we started our weekly meditation pre-pandemic or at the start of it, but it stuck and has become a cherished part of our weekly routine. The space that we hold for each other to honor our mind, body, and spirit is empowering and inspiring. It’s safe, it’s without judgment and it’s respectful of each team member’s desire and need to take a minute to ground. When we open our eyes, we can be the very best version of ourselves — for ourselves and for each other.

Quieting the mind or shifting focus to a healing thought or breath can bring your body back to a state of inner peace and release anxiety or stress. Most of us are constantly in the weeds at work. We are multitasking with emails, video calls, texts and deadlines while juggling home life, current world events and personal stressors. In simple terms, the overload of these events can send a message to the body that it is under attack, causing a fight or flight response.

We are so busy multitasking that we forget to breathe and as a result, can’t show up fully present with clients and colleagues. This isn’t intentional, it’s simply an unconscious act. We are in survival mode. I’m sure everyone that reads this is likely a very high achieving, high energy, high functioning human like the people on our team. You are in your full element with the multitasking narrative, I get it. It can be a really fun place to be. Hands in multiple pots, conversations happening, strategizing the next thing, creating the next product or launch. It’s exciting and initially, you feel elevated and euphoric but at some point, your energy is drained. Or worse, you hit a wall and your health or relationship with yourself and others suffers.

What if you made a tiny shift and instead of surviving, made the intentional choice to thrive? What if you paused every couple of hours or even before every call? That’s right, I said every call. What if you took 30 seconds to close your eyes and become aware of your body? What if you took a deep breath in, deeply exhaled all of that breath out, deeply inhaled and exhaled again, and then opened your eyes and dialed into your meeting with a clear mind and calm body? I invite you to try it.

Namaste – Nicole

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