Chief of Staff Nicole Montano Powers Up Her Wellness in 2022

Nicole Montano — January 27, 2022


I’ve always been very committed to my health and wellness but like many others, these last two years have thrown my mind, body, and spirit regimen into a stagnant lull. I found myself feeling really disconnected to myself and overall, very unaligned. Late last fall, after our team offsite in Zion, I started to feel inspired to elevate my entire wellness regime – no excuses. I believe the exact phrase that came to mind was ‘no more sloppy agreements’.

During our PowerPlant off-sites we often dive deep into our goals and look at all aspects of how we want to show up in the world, so that we can help support and hold one another accountable. I realized that I wasn’t fully walking the walk to feel optimally energized and well.  I made the choice that enough was enough and I was tired of hearing the negative self-talk and excuses. I was feeling the effects of eating too much gluten, sugar and caffeine which all result in inflammation — the place where disease can manifest. I knew deep in my soul that I needed to do a major overhaul so I spent about a month researching how I wanted to thoughtfully approach my wellness. This list of 10 resources I’m using to reset my health is where I landed.

  1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book is a favorite oldie that is full of key principles for living an accountable and intentional life. I downloaded the Audible version so that I could listen in the car. I took a week to only listen to this right around the holidays and revisiting these foundational pillars shifted everything for me. A reminder that it’s never a bad idea to go back to the basics.

The four agreements are these: Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.

  1. The Nutritional Kick-Off: Kroma Cleanse

I decided to do a major reset with my diet and nutrition to eliminate any inflammation, as sugar had become one of my daily food groups. I was addicted to sugar and I was really feeling it all- the ups, downs, dehydration, fatigue, and brain fog. Currently, I’m on week 3 of a 6-week journey. I’m happy to report that I feel energized and super healthy, which was the ultimate goal.

I’ve tried almost every cleanse out there over the years and my all time favorites are The Clean Program by Dr. Junger and the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet. But in the end, Kroma’s branding and marketing really spoke to me and I stalked my UPS guy every day until it arrived. I have never been more excited to start a cleanse so major kudos to their branding team. Their packaging is gorgeous and very appealing, but the number of daily mixes was overwhelming given my schedule, and needing to stop to mix a drink every two hours was too much.

The highlights were their afternoon elixir lattes and since I did the lean program, a spoonful of cookie butter was a treat. Overall, it did the trick and I felt very energized and clear at the end of Day 5.

  1. Meal Delivery Phase

I’m currently in the phase of having meals delivered and will be here for the next few weeks. My first delivery week was from the Daily Dose, Dr. Will Cole’s plan and I’m currently waiting for this week’s meals from L- Nutra, Nutrition for Longevity or N4L. I’m really excited about this plan and hope it can be a good supplement throughout the year when I’m not cooking or using our portfolio company, Thistle Meal Delivery.

N4L has three different plans to choose from and all of their food is sourced from a regenerative and sustainable farm that is organic and non-GMO. Their meals are curated by a Michelin star chef and dietician and gluten-free across the board. The last three weeks will be Sakara, which will not disappoint, and I might try a local service, Organic Oren for Week 6.

  1. Keep it Moving: Melissa Wood Health & Walking

The past two years I put everything before moving my body and it’s not only affected me physically but mentally and spiritually. This component was the main catalyst for this new reset. I continuously made sloppy agreements with myself to workout every day. As I moved through the day I would put work or other items first until I was too drained to actually do a workout. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I recently heard on a podcast that putting off self care or prioritizing others over ourselves is a past trauma survival tactic. This resonated so deeply. We all have varying degrees of trauma and I found it so interesting to hear that what I thought was healed trauma, was actually resurfacing in behavior patterns that didn’t serve me. It helped me recognize that I needed to make a change to have change. More on that another time.

The interesting piece is that on the days that I would wake up at 5am to work out, I felt so energized and my productivity was through the roof. Sometimes making choices that we know will create positive outcomes are the most difficult because our brains want to slip back into what we know. I knew that if I bought a hideous looking treadmill with a laptop holder and stuck it in the middle of my living room, that I couldn’t ignore it so I did just that. I now spend at least 40 minutes daily responding to emails while I get my body moving. I should note that my boyfriend is a fine furniture designer and to have this monstrosity in the middle of our home was a huge ask. Post treadmill, I add in a Melissa Wood Health workout that is under 20 minutes. Her workouts are so good and feel do-able when I have breaks in my day.

  1. Mental and Spiritual Wellness: Dr. Joe Dispenza 

I’m a trained Reiki practitioner and a certified meditation teacher and while I meditate and incorporate Reiki into my practice daily, I have been feeling an intense need to go deeper in my spiritual journey. It started to feel like I was just going through the motions when it came to my daily practice and I got the sense it was time to upgrade my spiritual connection to self. I was first introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work in 2018 when I was undergoing alternative healing treatments for a breast cancer diagnosis. I listened to his YouTube videos every day for 2-4 hours while I underwent these incredible healing treatments.

I felt so aligned and supported with his teachings as they covered the spiritual/mental element of my healing during my 16-week protocol.  My approach to healing is to look at it from 360 degrees because we can put a band aid over anything.  Definitely more on that journey another time. I was reconnected with his work recently through a podcast I listened to and decided to formally take his advanced course in preparation for his next week long event in 2022. I am living proof that the mindset shift is so real and this time around I purchased some of his mediations that I have been doing every morning and evening. I cannot recommend them enough.

  1. Waste Not: Lomi

IYKYK. This will be a game changer. I live in DTLA and an outdoor compost isn’t really an option for us at the moment. Believe me I tried and it was a disaster. As I wait for my Lomi to arrive, I can hardly contain my excitement. I’ve learned so much while at PowerPlant and while I’ve always been conscious about my impact, being exposed to so many amazing experts in our network has definitely helped me learn that I can do so much more. I started really paying attention to food waste when I got a proper recycling set up at home and saw that most of our trash is food waste. It’s awful. I try to repurpose as much as possible and know that the Lomi is going to help reduce our footprint.

If you don’t know what Lomi is, it’s a countertop food compost that turns your waste to compost in 4 hours. They say that using Lomi twice a week can reduce your waste footprint by 50%. 50%!

  1. Regeneration & A PowerPlant Book Club

Aligned with my new Lomi pledge, a few of us at PowerPlant are diving into Paul Hawken’s latest and greatest book, Regeneration. It is a captivating, informative and empowering read that has us all equally terrified and motivated to do all that it takes to help the future of our mother earth. I think if you are alive and breathing, you should read this book.

Later this summer, my partner and I are breaking ground on building a negative carbon home in the mountains of Northern California. I intuitively knew we needed to create a space that was kind to our environment, but this book is providing me with all the concrete why’s and how’s.

I invite you all to join our book club on Fridays. If you’d like to join, drop a comment in the LinkedIn post and we’ll find you!

  1. Wellness Tech: Remedy Place

All my spa dreams were answered when they created this space. Remedy Place is a social wellness club and the only club I’ve been to in probably a decade. It’s perfect with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Medical Grade Lymphatic Massage, IV infusions, Infrared Sauna, Chiropractic and Acupuncture Sessions, Cold Plunge, Cryo, and Sound Bath Sessions. The list goes on and on. It’s pretty special and I started off my reset with the Remedy IV that made me feel like superwoman.

  1. Invisible Protection: EMF Mitigation & Frequency

 With 5G and all the technology that I’m using, I wanted to really protect myself and loved ones from any harmful EMFs. I feel pretty empowered with some great tools from Blushield at our LA office and my home office. I also use FLFE at home and recently got dog collars, and frequency cards from Leela Quantum Tech. If you want to know more, you can listen to Luke Storey dive deep into the research around these products. If I tried to explain these products, I would make it sound too woo woo but Luke Storey dives into the science.

  1. Coffee or Matcha

I can’t, no I won’t, live without my coffee so I have decided that alternating between coffee lattes and matcha lattes are a good balance for me. My favorite coffee beans that we use at home are Life Boost, mycotoxin-free, organic, non-gmo beans that are delicious. Their dark roast is my morning sunshine. For my matcha lattes, I’m alternating between Your Super’s matcha mix and the clean program matcha. I love Rise’s oat milk but it has a seed oil in it so I made the hard choice (“no more sloppy agreements”) to stop buying it and now make my own almond milk using my almond cow machine.

Feel free to follow me where I will post more in depth about my journey to reconnecting with myself: mind, body and spirit. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share more with you.

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